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Translation – key to understanding.
Efficient website translations
with WPML

Transline WPML – WordPress MultiLingual plugin

Do you want to reach customers all around the world with your WordPress website, regardless of language?
As an official translation partner for WPML, Transline delivers high-quality translations directly to your website. How does it work? Using the WPML plugin, you can automatically transfer your content from your WordPress platform to Transline with just a few clicks – and just as automatically, the translated texts appear exactly where they should be: on your multilingual website. It couldn’t be easier.

Your smart way to a multilingual WordPress website

What is WPML?

WPML expands the functions of the WordPress CMS to make it multilingual. And it happens directly from your WordPress platform: simply select the Transline translation service and off we go.

The plugin enables you to create content in multiple languages or to have monolingual content translated. The expansion contains a complete API for integration with other plugins and translation systems. The best part: the texts that require translation can be immediately edited in the translation tool – without any detours. Once the translation is finished, Transline uploads your texts back to the website – and they automatically appear in the right spot on your multilingual website.

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The benefits of Transline WPML

With WPML, copying and pasting becomes a thing of the past. Even manual exporting and importing is no longer necessary. As WPML uses XLIFF files for data exchange with CAT tools, the data structure remains in place and no information is lost.

Here are the advantages:

  • Automatic export of your content – no need to send manually
  • Simple, secure, efficient and time-saving
  • Automatic re-import of your translations – no need to copy and paste
  • Directly integrated into the design of your website
  • Professionally created, authentic texts

With WMPL and the linguistic expertise from Transline, you can launch your products quickly and reliably around the globe.

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