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Translation – key to understanding.
We focus on linguistic and cultural characteristics,
rather than “business as usual”.

Effective website, web shop and app translations

Across the globe, online business is booming and constantly developing. Quickly recognising trends and reacting with the right solutions is key. This also applies to translations of multilingual websites. You can trust on us us to manage your language projects efficiently and reliably. Our processes are fast and agile, delivering guaranteed high-quality translations.

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Are you ready? E-commerce continues to be an exciting journey that presents many challenges. We are ready to take on your translation projects, offering a comprehensive range of reliable services with customised solutions. The way you present your texts in the target culture is vital for your company’s success. At Transline, we take this responsibility seriously by offering highly professional translations for your e-commerce needs.


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Individual workflows

Our workflows seamlessly integrate into your existing system landscape – according to the content management system or shopware. We work with you to make the translation process as uncomplicated as possible and to determine the optimal workflow for your needs.
Years of experience in implementing e-commerce translations enable us to develop the optimum workflow for your projects, thereby minimising your time to market. This includes machine translation, translation memories and SEO localisation.

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Machine translation in e-commerce

Fast, cost-effective translations are essential when launching online shops internationally to ensure that your new products appear online quickly and can be marketed globally, before your competitors catch up.
At times, we humans reach full-capacity, which is where machines with artificial intelligence assist us by taking over the preparatory work: we use technological support in the form of machine translation with subsequent post-editing to handle large quantities of items in online shops.
We would be happy to provide advice customised to your texts and check whether they are suitable for machine translation.

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“Is it not strange that a literal translation is almost always a bad one? And yet everything can be translated well. This shows us exactly what it means to truly understand a language; it means to fully know the people who speak it.” /// Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

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