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Translation – key to understanding.
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Making shopping a global experience

Competing against others as an online shop is a challenge. It’s difficult to stand out from the competition based on product range and price alone, because the Internet is completely transparent and customers can compare offers in no time at all. This is where the shopping experience – also known as customer experience or CX – plays a crucial role. Positive experiences involve emotions and gut feelings, just like transcreation.

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What is transcreation?

Your marketing professionals and copywriters invest a lot of time (and you invest a lot of money) in finding wording that turns prospective customers into buyers. This success must also be transferred into the target languages. Our tip: everything that was professionally written in the source language should also undergo professional copywriting in the target language.This type of writing for the new target culture is called transcreation, or creative translation, which carefully considers the message of the original text.

A copywriting translator not only writes creatively in his or her own native language, but also simultaneously communicates interculturally between two languages and cultures.

When transferring advertising content into the target language, the decisive factor is not exactly what is said, but how everything is presented. This means that a transcreation can be significantly different to the original text. The most important aspect is that the same message is conveyed and the desired action is triggered in the reader i.e. clicking on the order button.

What benefits does transcreation offer?

We offer transcreation in addition to basic translation so that your target language corporate texts are persuasive and motivating, as well as informative.

How do you benefit from this service?

  • Transcreators are not only marketing translators, they are also qualified copywriters. This means you get a 2-for-1 service.
  • The target text reads like an original, and you save both time and stress, because no further revisions are necessary.
  • Professional briefing and direct contact between the transcreator and customer – or your reviewer in the target country – ensure that your expectations are met in full.
  • You receive multilingual promotional material that you can be sure won't damage your brand image, but rather boost it.

With a transcreation, we work together to create the scheduling and organisational framework for successful multilingual marketing projects.

Translate for conversion: winning customers – worldwide

Customers in conventional retail stores are immersed in a multisensory experience, influenced by an atmosphere created by the interior, design, sounds, scents and product arrangements. All of these perceptions have an effect on purchasing behaviour, especially when combined with personal service from staff.

Many of these sensory impressions are simply not applicable in e-commerce. The emotional connection between the provider and prospective purchaser is reduced to attractive design and compelling language. We localise your online content for the target market with pinpoint accuracy, to ensure you reach your international audience. This means shopping becomes an intercultural experience for your customers. With authentic target texts, you can transform them into enthusiastic ambassadors for your brand.

For high conversion rates and global success of your company.

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