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Translation – key to understanding.
With TBlue, you can keep an eye on everything –
anywhere, anytime.

Conquering foreign markets digitally –
it´s all a matter of the right infrastructure

Online trading requires a high degree of flexibility and speed, as well as impeccable linguistic performance if you operate on an international level. Our high-end language management services offer you innovative technical solutions for global positioning and updating your multilingual product range thus saving you time and money.

Language Consulting


Interested? We would be happy to personally introduce you to TBlue.

TBlue: fast, convenient ordering

Our new translation portal TBlue is logical, intuitive and clearly structured – your reliable point of contact for real-time quotes and ordering and managing your projects. TBlue is an interface that allows you to automatically transmit your files to Transline.

Monitoring features in TBlue

  • Status overview of your projects
  • Documented communication
  • Generation of key figures

Using TBlue

Workflow features in TBlue

All project partners use the AI-based function for smart knowledge and query management, so no questions are ever asked twice. That saves time and, in the long term, money up to six figures.

Thanks to the integrated visual review tool, it’s never been easier for Transline customers to make changes to the target language documents: the tool displays the print-ready target language file, similar to a PDF. In a second window, TBlue displays the source and target texts as a working file, which your internal reviewers can edit directly. These changes can be entered immediately, thanks to the interface with the translator’s CAT tool and your customer-specific translation memory.

Overall, it means you and our project managers can concentrate on specialist questions, with TBlue handling all the technical work.

CAT: smart tools for greater efficiency

Each translation that we complete for you is stored in a customer-specific translation memory, also known as a TM. This ensures that no text is ever translated twice, saving you time and money, thanks to “computer aided translation” (CAT).

Another bonus is that you benefit from texts that are consistent in their terminology because the CAT tool helps the translator to make the right choice when it comes to your technical language. If the scope of your project requires several linguistic experts to collaborate, the common database facilitates this.

From a technical point of view, the use of CAT tools is completely independent of format. It also helps with planning because the reliable analysis function enables accurate calculation of the actual amount of translation work required, even for large projects.

Explanatory video: How a translation memory works

MT: Turbo solution with AI

For time-critical projects, we use artificial intelligence to support our work. The first step is to check whether machine translation (MT) is suitable for your texts. If this is the case, we integrate the use of artificial intelligence as an effective workflow step.

Post-editing for the highest standards

“Full post editing” means we fine-tune the machine’s output for you. In addition to reviewing the accuracy of the content, the human post-editor also looks at grammar, punctuation and style. This ensures that you receive a fluid, easy-to-read text that is comparable to a human translation in its quality.

Are your texts suitable for machine translation? We are happy to check and provide customised advice.

Customised advice

“We measure our success by whether the world reveals its cultural dimensions to us.” /// Birgit Neu

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