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Translation – key to understanding.
Linguistic finesse impresses your customers
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Translations for websites

Website translation – for your global success

A multilingual website showcases your company’s international presence. The goal is to reach, and be found by, potential customers in other countries as effectively as possible. How does that happen? By meeting your potential customers where they feel at home: in their own language. Our linguistic experts localise your content so that it reflects the unique characteristics of the local culture. Because, after all, visitors who feel at home on your website turn into buyers.

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Quality without compromise

High-quality translations are not an empty promise: Transline was one of the first German language service providers to be certified according to the process standard for translation service providers, ISO 17100. Our quality management has also been certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. This ensures that you as our client, we as the service provider and all our suppliers are speaking the same language. This avoids misunderstandings and creates clarity, thus making sure that your projects run smoothly.

In addition to individual solutions for your language management, you have a dedicated point of contact who manages your website translation from start to finish – leaving nothing to chance. Your project manager is supported by a customer service team made up of in-house linguistic experts, terminologists, computational linguists, developers and process managers, who ensure seamless processes and support you in creating your perfectly internationalised internet presence.


Website translation: solutions with vision

Years of experience in implementing website translations enable us to find the right workflow for you, by designing the optimal solution using our service modules.

Linguistic expertise for your area of speciality

At Transline, over 5000 specialised translators work in up to 160 languages, allowing your website to reach 93% of the world’s population.

Our experts translate your company-specific terminology right at the start of your e-commerce project, then carefully integrate it into the translation process using our terminology tool Termflow.

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Terminology for consistent wording

Our in-house team of terminologists can answer any questions about your corporate vocabulary.We advise and offer workshops on this subject, create and maintain your database and assist you with terminology clean-up and extraction.
After all, if your terminology is well structured and maintained in the source language, you receive up to 60% fewer queries from translators – a significant time saving. If your corporate language is consistent, the time required for translating can be reduced by up to a third in the long term.


SEO for all languages

The key success factor for website translations is search engine optimisation. It’s crucial that your website is found and ranked in search engines around the world because that’s the only way to establish your international web presence.
Google? Or Yandex? Our SEO translators live and work in your target country and know the local search habits. They use a keyword planner to undertake in-depth research and ensure that your keywords are localised for your target market. These keywords are then incorporated into the translation with the utmost precision so that your website comes out at the top of the rankings.

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