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Our passion has been inspiring our customers for over 30 years. Our well-functioning team is united by a common understanding of quality. “Just do it!”, as the famous slogan goes – the idea of service is natural for us. In doing so, we focus entirely on our customers, operating proactively and flexibly. Personal interaction is what’s most important to us: this includes, above all, trust, fairness and transparency. What drives us? Quality without compromise. And we gladly step out of our comfort zone to achieve the best solutions. We consistently impress our customers as solution-finders, collaborators and advisors. Find out for yourself.

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We are very proud of the many eCommerce projects that we have already successfully internationalised. We know that it is important for you to understand how we develop and implement our solutions into our operations. Each company deserves its own individual approach. When our customers agree to talk about their eCommerce success, they do so because they are also proud of what we achieve together. Gain valuable insights and stories about challenges we have mastered together – and maybe some inspiration.

TOPREGAL case study

Custom solutions for fast time to market

TOPREGAL GmbH is a Europe-wide specialist dealer for warehouse and corporate fittings, with a focus on heavy-duty shelving. Its B2B web shop offers customers over 30,000 high-quality items of warehouse, factory and office equipment.

With support from Transline, TOPREGAL could start an efficient translation process within a very short amount of time. A sophisticated workflow ensures that the article descriptions go live quickly and achieve optimum rankings in search engines in the target countries.

Read the TOPREGAL case study

TEAMVIEWER case study

Going live faster, thanks to high-quality translations and a smart portal solution

TeamViewer also wanted to simplify the complex review process, supported by a well-maintained translation memory and high-quality translations.

The portal solution with WPML saves TeamViewer resources, time and money. Data no longer needs to be manually extracted and – as was the case previously – laboriously postprocessed. “The workflow for translating our website texts has improved enormously,” says the translation team at TeamViewer.

Read the TEAMVIEWER case study

BAUHAUS case study

Streamlined translation process boosts BAUHAUS operations.

BAUHAUS is one of the largest players in the DIY store sector. The company is constantly expanding the product range in its online shop, much of which is seasonal.

BAUHAUS, in collaboration with its translation service provider Transline, has now streamlined the translation process for its online shop in Italian- and French-speaking Switzerland, significantly shortening the time to market in the process. This increased speed is an essential factor for the success of the trilingual web shop.

Read the BAUHAUS case study

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