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Smart workflows for your multilingual online shop

Always up to date, whatever the season: speed is what counts when it comes to translating e-commerce content. With our expertise gained through experience, we work out the ideal translation process for you – customised and uncomplicated. Creative language and visual imagery are required to ensure your online business becomes a global success. After all, when your shop visitors feel inspired and motivated, they tend to purchase, which is key to increasing your sales.

We translate what you want to sell online.

3-step workflow for your web success

After many years of experience in translating large volumes of text, the following process has proven to be the optimal approach for implementing e-commerce language projects:

Step 1 – We determine the SEO keywords from your source text and enter these into a terminology database. With the help of a keyword planner and intensive research in the foreign language, we then localise your SEO terminology.

Step 2 – We translate the entire text, taking into consideration the previously defined SEO terminology. This is done by our professionally qualified native speakers who live in the target country.

Step 3 – Another specialised translator proofreads the text according to the principles of ISO 17100. This expert also checks whether the SEO terminology has been used consistently.

Translation engineering for big data

When you translate your web shop into another language for the first time, you may be confronted with extremely large amounts of data, but what initially seems like an insurmountable translation job can be easily dealt with by using our smart data engineering services.

How does it work? For large volumes of text, for example, product descriptions, you benefit from the many repetitions within the content that needs to be translated. Our data experts have developed a workflow specifically aimed at large volumes, which enables us to achieve text analysis savings over and above the standard functions of translation tools. Before preparing our quote, we would be happy to discuss whether the costs and processing time of your data could be reduced in this manner.


Usability testing for multilingual websites

The aim of translating your shop into a range of languages is to capture new markets. Easy to understand and quick to use, the “user experience” streamlines the process and is one of the key factors of your success.

To make sure your translated website is as user friendly as possible, our native speaker testers take an in-depth look at all of the pages on your site. This is one way of optimising the user-friendliness from the practical perspective of the user. For a shopping experience without compromise – transcending linguistic borders.

Contact with Transline

Efficient language processes in e-commerce

With our expert team of translators, terminologists, computational linguists and IT specialists, we accompany you on your digital customer journey, providing individual service for optimal translations.

When internationalising your web presence, efficient processes are essential, as they save you both time and money. A highly automated routine process shortens the time to market for your product range. For example, we continuously translate smaller packages of article descriptions, in order to fully utilise the regular translators who are assigned to your project.

Your personal contact has your project under control.

Processes tailored to your specific needs make your life easier.

Smart checking programs complement the expertise of our linguistic professionals.

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