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When we feel at home, we feel at ease. This is a feeling we should strive to recreate online. In B2C, emotional appeals and the “joy of use” are essential to the e-shopping experience. Therefore, a website in English is not always sufficient. Language builds trust. And the local expertise of our native speakers in the target countries guarantees an authentic user experience and long-standing customer relationships.

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Creating trust is your key to capturing new markets.

The growth of online sales has skyrocketed in the last ten years, and the trend is still rising. Two thirds of all online shoppers only make a purchase when the product is available in their native language and an even greater number of them see a direct connection between correct language use and the credibility of the provider.

Our aim is to localise your web shop in such a way that your customers around the world don’t even notice that your company is not based in their country. How do we do it? Our intercultural communication experts are at home across the globe. They localise your text to fit the target market and they can help you if your marketing texts require more than just a simple online shop translation.

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Targeted internationalisation through localisation.

It’s true: people in England still measure distances in miles, not kilometres, and drink pints instead of millilitres. And while Google might be the leading search engine across Europe, this isn’t necessarily the case the world over. In Russia, for example, Yandex is the engine of choice, whilst China favours Baidu, and Seznam comes out on top in the Czech Republic.

Our linguistic experts adapt your texts with just the right blend of flair and intuition. They check product and brand names and make sure your content is SEO- and SEA-compliant. At the same time, they also ensure that product and image descriptions, headlines and advertising messages reflect your unique product range for optimised accessibility and maximum target group-specific appeal.

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